How to create your company online?
Follow the thread and discover the steps of creating your company until you open your bank account.

Let’s Go !

You inquire

You seek to establish a company in Hong Kong and you look for information on process, taxes and other information. For that you explore our site.
Start by welcoming our site!

Order from your company

You have check our rates and are ready to order your company in Hong Kong from our service. You go to the order page and fill in the necessary information: Director, Shareholder and Options.
You pay your order and we start the work !

We create your company

We have received your order and treat it as soon as possible, we proceed to the creation of your company under 24H to 48H following receipt of your order.

Your company is incorporated

We recover the entirety of your original documents. We send you all the documents of your company by email, a verification link durgistre public to check the validity.
We send you all company documents by post!

Bank Forms

Have you chosen your bank? we have taken the necessary steps to open your bank account.
If you have chosen to open your bank account in Hong Kong, we will send you confirmation of your appointment to the bank or the appointment link.
If you opt for an international bank, we send you the account opening form and the opening process by email.

Here we go ! you can start working!