Free Bank Account

Your free account opening account with the creation of your company in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is among the best places in the world to do business. Business need banks and it is crucial to choose the bank that fits your financial needs and goals.

For you Hong Kong company, you may open:

Bank Account in Hong Kong

Opening a Hong Kong bank account remotely has recently become more restrictive. Hong Kong Bank Ordinances and Know Your Customer obligations currently present certain requirements.

Hong Kong banks require company account applicants to travel to Hong Kong and physically meet with a bank officer. Furthermore, all shareholders with 10% or more of company shares, as well as all directors, Nominees, and beneficial owners must be present at this meeting.

All banks offers:

Credit Card International
VISA or MasterCard

e-Banking / App smartphone
to manage your account

to secure your account

International bank transfer
from your customer area

Dedicated bank advisor
to manage your account

Multi Currencies Account


If you nonethless wish to open a bank account at HSBC, Citibank, ICBC, DBS, Bank of China, or other HK bank, you must satisfy at least oneof the following requirements :

  • The company director must have an HK ID card or an HK work visa
  • The company must have a Hong Kong office, and present an office rental agreement in the Hong Kong company’s name
  • The company must be involved in a business related to China or Asia

If you meet none of the above criteria, you may still try to open an Hong Kong bank account, but will need a strong rationale for doing so.  We can help arrange an appointment with Hong Kong banks such as Hang Seng, OCBC, Wing Heng, or Standard Chartered.


  • Lower minimum account balance
  • RMB trade settlement
  • Required for PayPal account


  • Cannot be opened online
  • Approval less certain

Banks with which you can open your account

International Bank Account

An international or offshore bank account is one opened in a jurisdiction different from where a company is incorporated.

We strongly recommend you open an international bank account for its many benefits and advantages to you and your business. You can open an offshore bank account online without ever coming to Hong Kong.

An offshore bank account permits you to operate through multiple currencies without depleting funds through currency conversion fees. It also lets you obtain debit or credit cards linked to various currencies, set up automatic bill payments in different currencies, as well as enjoy discounted international payments and special investment opportunities. Through online banking you have constant, round-the-clock access to your finances from anywhere in the world.  A bank account outside Hong Kong is the key component for an international diversification strategy, shielding you from economic and political risk as well as capital controls. Offshore banks are also normally safer, with more conservative management.


Bank Account in Your Own Country (do it yourself)

You may find it useful to open a corporate account for your Hong Kong firm in a different  country of your choice. To do so, you’ll need to submit an application along with an Apostilled (legal certification of certain documents) copy of a certified true copy of your company documents (NNC1 Incorporation form, Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration Certificate).

Documents required: Company documents, Due Diligence documents (certified copies of passports of all beneficiaries, proof of residence), business description (nature of business, number of employees, etc.).


  • No need to travel (application by email, phone call or courier)
  • High approval rate
  • Multicurrency bank account, no extra costs
  • Online banking available
  • MasterCard or Visa card available
  • Special products and services
  • Multilingual support team


  • No disadvantage
  • Jet lag

Banks with which you can open your international bank account