KYC stands for “Know Your Customer” and it’s a process of verifying the identity of a client by using different kinds of information and documents.

With a strong experience in Compliance and Due Diligence, HKinco provides compliance support and consultancy services. Compliance & due diligence services are our main business activity.

Even small organizations have to manage distributors, suppliers, agents and other types of third parties and are facing risks like money laundering, corruption, fraud and others. The compliance risk assessment will help companies understand the range of its risk exposure and mitigate the third party relationship risk.

Banking and “Know Your Customer” 

KYC and strong due diligence procedures help banks to manage their risk and prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. Nowadays, banks around the world require a large amount of KYC documents in order to accept a new client.

We will work with you and help you to prepare for the bank meeting or create a bank account remotely. We take pride in the individual approach we follow for each of our clients.