Why company setup in hong kong ?

  • Low tax rate: only the profits which are sourced in Hong Kong of businesses are taxed at the rate of 16.5%.
  • Simple tax system: zero VAT, GST and all sorts of sales tax. Zero tax on non-Hong Kong businesses
  • World-class financial system: No foreign exchange control. Bank accounts are offered in multi-currency, with complete online banking services
  • Best route to China: CEPA and lower withholding tax for dividend and royalty in China
  • Chinese yuan (CNY) business: Offshore Renminbi (RMB) clearing centre. Paying or receiving Renminbi (RMB) to and from China business partners, conversion of  RMB into other currency in your Hong Kong bank accounts
  • Ideal for all business: international financial centre, free trade port, (almost) no restrictions of business natures​
  • Sound legal system: independent legal system based on common law. Clean government and business environment.
  • Well-developed city for business: world-class infrastructure, abundant supply of high quality work force.

Hong Kong’s attractiveness in living and doing business is appealing and offers many benefits that are uniquely available among other cities:

  • it is an energetic city with future prospects;
  • it is a strategic gateway to growing Mainland China markets;
  • it is a regional financial and logistics hub for expansion across Asia;
  • it is a stable, highly-efficient, business-friendly cosmopolitan.

Asia Business Centre roots in Hong Kong, we share our first-person experience of business setup here and sell our services around the world.

No-hassle Company Registration Among various type of business vehicle in Hong Kong, Private Limited Company by Shares (Limited Company) is the best tools for business venture because of the limited liability to the owners. Nationality of the business owner is not a limitation, and we can complete the company registration online; The required information is a local address for register, a local company or a local residence to act as Company Secretary, and merely around US$350 for government fee with 1-year license. Since most of the startups do not have an office in Hong Kong during the state of startups, entrepreneurs hire a local business centre to act as their Companies Company Secretary and its address as Register Address. The government process lead time is around 5 days, as a business owner, you will be issued Certificate of Incorporation (C.I.) as well as Business Registration Certificate (B.R.), then your company is newly born and ready to use for doing business. Moreover, company de-registration is as simple as registration.

Ease of obtaining Business Licenses
In fact, you are not required to describe your company’s business nature to the government during business registration, and you are not bounded to perform this kind of business after incorporation. Of course some business are restricted, mostly the business has relation to public interest, apart from them, most of the trading and consultation services need not extra permission.

Simple and Low Tax Regime 

Offering a predictable tax system and low tax rate, Hong Kong is one of the pro-business city.

0% tax on profits earned Outside Hong Kong
Most of the taxes that are common around the world that are not the case in Hong Kong.

Neither sales tax or VAT, withholding tax, capital gains tax, dividends tax or estate tax are found here.

Conclusion: Hong Kong is easy to do business
The ease of business registration, getting credit, paying taxes, and cross-border trading make Hong Kong as a good city for starting a business. The great protection to investors and contracts enforcement make the city to run a business easily.