Events management is the practice of planning, coordinating, and implementing special events.

Career Opportunities


The event management industry is very competitive and it's imperative to develop your networking skills to land the job of your dreams.


You can choose to work for an event management company, freelance, or even start your own company or event planning agency.


Career opportunities in events management are vast, and they can take you all over the world. There's a variety of events that can be planned, from beach weddings to professional conferences.


As the organizer of a special event, you'll have to be able to manage a variety of tasks, including attending client meetings and ensuring budgets are adhered to


When you are applying for a job in this field, it's helpful to include all relevant experiences and education, including any volunteer work or internships you may have completed.


The events industry is also full of opportunities for socialising and travelling, which makes it a rewarding career.

Organisational Skills

Event management requires a high level of organisational skills and the ability to multitask. You'll need to be creative and analytical, and have a good working knowledge of various industries and disciplines. You'll also have to be able to anticipate problems and work under tight deadlines.
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Building a network of contacts early on can pay off later in your career, and it also helps you build a strong resume.



Working closely with clients and colleagues makes the job rewarding and provides excellent career progression.

Table set for an event party or wedding reception


Event management is a rapidly-growing industry. Professionals in this field are involved in every stage of planning, execution, and promotion of an event.

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Sporting Events

The career opportunities in events management are vast, from consulting at major sporting events to running large conference venues in Singapore.

Governments and businesses have made event management a key part of their economic development strategies. With the right education, you can transform your passion into a highly rewarding career. There are a variety of taught postgraduate courses that can help you achieve your goal.


While the event industry is ever-changing, job seekers should expect long hours and a high level of pressure. It is a demanding field, so it’s imperative to develop relevant skills in order to get the best job. An event manager is responsible for planning and executing the event according to a blueprint created by the event planner. The job requires flexibility and the ability to solve problems quickly.


Event planning is a multi-billion dollar industry. It’s growing rapidly and requires skilled professionals to plan tens of millions of events, from weddings to trade shows. In addition to organising events, this industry has also adopted new technologies to promote brands. For example, virtual live sessions and AI advertising strategies have become common. This trend has also led to the creation of new career opportunities in events management.