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Hong Kong company formation

There are many benefits to using HKInco for Hong Kong company formation.

It is easy to create a company in Hong Kong from wherever you live. Customers will enjoy the easy access of their account as well as special features including the ability to create corporate bank accounts. HKInco makes it easy and stress-free for customers to offer a registered business address and company secretary as standard features. This makes your company presence reputable and professional – keep the integrity of your brand in a world which is reputation focused for potential consumers.

HKInco offers a number of options for customers who wish to incorporate in Hong Kong but are not residents of the city. Take advantage of the package which most suits your needs, and you pay for what you need rather than paying extra for options which do not apply to you. There is no extra or irrelevant paperwork, fees, or other frustrations when you use HKInco to help you incorporate a company and set up a bank account in Hong Kong.

You will have to pay the US Government (or the government of your country’s) fee. This may vary, but HKInco provides the local knowledge of Hong Kong regulations and laws. The process can be expedited when you use our qualified staff rather than trying to do it yourself and wasting money. Packages include the basic paperwork, a company secretary option, a registered address, the registration of your significant controller, your first Written Resolution, company stamp and much more. Add as much or little customer live support as you need and follow the process from start to finish, wherever you live in the world.

There is no residency requirement for the shareholder and director. You are also welcome to apply internationally – all applicants are considered from around the world whether you have ever lived in Hong Kong or not! HKInco makes Hong Kogn company formation easy and stress-free.

Creating a Company

First, you will register your new company through HKInco. This process involves steps which are transparent for you as a customer. View each stage of the process without doing the work. Expert help is available at HKInco to ensure that paperwork is filled in correctly and fees are paid as due.

First, you provide information such as your intended company name, details of your business activity, and the name and address of your shareholder and director. HKInco reviews your incorporation form for accuracy answers your questions and concerns and gives you a fee quote. Once you are ready, use our bank details to pay to incorporate your company. Easy! Forms which HKInco will prepare for you may include the Incorporation Documents Form NNC1 and Articles of Association. Upon receipt of your payment, just sign the documents in person or via email. Courier us the original signed documents and we will add those to your submission to the Companies Registry of Hong Kong.

Customers are able to review documents and watch the incorporation process as HKInco files the paperwork and explains what is happening at each stage. When the filing is done, you will receive a hard copy and scanned copy of your Certificate of Incorporation. You also receive a hard copy and scanned copy of your Business Certificate.

In just 5 to 6 working days after submission of the hard copy of documents to the Companies Registry, you can look forward to having your incorporated company. There is also an express service which can make your company incorporated within 1 working day for an additional cost.

You can now commence the process to open a company bank account with a Hong Kong bank or with an offshore bank.

Bank Account

Having a corporate bank account in Hong Kong doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming. Let HKInco cover the paperwork so that you can concentrate on the more vital functions of your new business. Although you will have to be in Hong Kong in person to finish the account setup, HKInco makes it easy for the initial paperwork to be started on your behalf. The first step in this process is your business incorporation. Once that is completed HKInco has the ability to create for you a corporate bank account in Hong Kong.

You will need a valid passport or travel permit, along with your Beneficial Owner and Director information. The corporate bank account opening meeting must be done in person in Hong Kong. Not a problem! This international city is tourist and business-friendly. Once your corporate account is approved, you will need to deposit a minimum of HKD 50,000 in order to open your account. It usually takes three weeks to process your request, so start soon after your company has been incorporated to lessen the waiting period.

Bank documents required to open your account may include originals or certified copies of:

– Minutes of meetings approving the opening of an account

– Certificate of incorporation

– Your business registration certificate

– The notice of appointment of your director and company secretary

– Articles of Association

– ID card/passport of each director and shareholder

– Proof of personal address for each director and shareholder

Hong Kogn company formation is easy with HKInco!